What is the difference in buying XL and standard cartridges?

What is the difference in buying XL and standard cartridges?

Know the difference in buying XL and standard

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Every cartridge manufacturer offers a wide range of cartridges to accommodate each printer. However, what is the difference in sizing in terms of cartridges?

Many Ink cartridge manufacturers provide standard and XL cartridges. The difference between the two? The XL simply lasts longer, meaning you will not have to replace your cartridges so often. They both have different amounts of Ink in the cartridge. Buying an XL cartridge could amount to being cheaper in the end as you obtain greater value for money.

When compared to buying an XL, the advantages of utilising a standard cartridge are that you do not have to invest as much money upfront. Furthermore, if you do not print frequently, you may prefer the standard cartridge, as cartridges left in a printer for an extended period may dry out.

If you are ever unclear about the size or type of paper that you require for your printer than you can always check the printer model on our InknToner UK website to discover which XL and standard cartridges your printer need or contact us!

HP Cartridges

HP ink cartridges change slightly based on the printer type. Always double-check the cartridges you are removing from the printer or look up the model on the internet.

HP cartridges include versions with both black and tri-colour cartridges, which require two cartridges. The difference between the XL and standard sizes is how much the cartridges are filled.

Other types of HP ink cartridges include standard, XL, and occasionally XXL or extra high yield. When an inkjet printer has four or more slots, it implies you are getting more for your money and simply need to change the cartridge colour when it runs out.

Epson Cartridges

Epson cartridges are available in standard and XL capacity, as well as single cartridges in black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. When utilising combination cartridges, you may wind up discarding the cartridges when one colour runs out. In most circumstances, double-check your printer model first. However, in general, the size will be the same and will fit in your printer. The only variation is the amount of ink used.

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