How to spot fake Ink Cartridges!

How to spot fake Ink Cartridges!

How to spot fake Ink Cartridges!

Counterfeit ink cartridges are like counterfeit other fake items such as Jewellery, shoes, and even paintings. They are designed to look like the real thing—in this case, ink sold by well-known printer manufacturers such as HP, Canon, and Epson. At best, it is inferior to the real McCoy in terms of image quality. Worst-case scenario, it jams and leaks, causing damage to your printer.

Do not confuse fake ink with off-brand or ink that is on offer, which is manufactured to specifications by honest companies and can be a viable, low-cost alternative to brand-name ink. Whereas discount ink manufacturers seek happy, long-term customers, counterfeiters seek quick profits.

Only buy ink from reputable retailers. Although anonymous online deals are appealing, what can you do if a seller you do not know sends you a counterfeit ink cartridge? Even though reputable retail stores are occasionally duped into selling counterfeits, you will have some right of appeal if the ink you receive turns out to be fake.

For many years, printers have holographic seals or other seals to ensure the authenticity of the products they sell. If you adjust the box, try to look at how the security seal reacts. This should be as the manufacturer specifies. Many significant printer manufacturers, such as HP, provide assistance on their websites in identifying genuine packaging.

Original supplier goods are never smeared with ink on the outside of the cartridge or inside the package. There ought to be no black toner dust or cartridge damage. Original products have multiple pull-tab tape seals all over the ink ports.

Fake cartridges frequently leak, overfill, and print in improper colours or with distorted text. Keep a close eye on the output quality of your printer. If it appears to be a fake, especially right out of the box, contact the manufacturer.

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